Sala Galilei120 is located on the ground floor near the bar. The room is a multipurpose space. It can accommodate up to 120 people and it is ideal not only for meetings but also for exhibitions and catering areas. Inside the room a stairway links the space below to a relax area that can be used for slide-center, press rooms, etc.
  • Capacity: up to 120 people
  • Modular room: No
  • Area: 290 mq
  • Height: 3.5-6 Mq
  • Podium: Yes
  • Screens: on demand
  • Projector: on demand
  • Sound Amplification Sysytem: Yes
  • Videoconference: on demand
  • Table board: Yes
Capacity Modular room Area Height Podium Screens Projector Sound Amplification Videoconference Table board
120 people NO 290 mq 3.5-6 m Yes on demand on demand Yes on demand Yes



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