Fermi250 + Pacinotti250

Sala Fermi250 and Sala Pacinotti250 are very similiar. They are located along the gallery of the first floor, to the left of the control room and simultaneous translation booths. They can seat up to 250 people and thanks to the Modular Wall System the are totally indipendent.
  • Capacity: up to 250 people
  • Modular room: Yes
  • Area: 173 mq
  • Height: 4-7 Mq
  • Podium: Yes
  • Screens: Yes
  • Projector: on demand
  • Sound Amplification Sysytem: Yes
  • Videoconference: Yes
  • Table board: Yes
Capacity Modular room Area Height Podium Screens Projector Sound Amplification Videoconference Table board
250 people Yes 173 mq 4-7 m Yes Yes on demand Yes Yes Yes



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