“Palazzo dei Congressi” is an half-rounded tier garden building. The construction is set on three levels. A big sloped glazing interconnectes the first and the second floors providing natural light to the upper galleries that are free of architectural barriers.
On the ground floor is the Plenary Room and the main services as the reception and the bar.
The first floor houses the sound and simultaneous translation booths and the second floor had different smaller meeting rooms. The accessible roof is a tier like an amphitheater.
“Palazzo dei Congressi” was officially opened in 1984 and since then has hosted a large number of scientific, cultural, politics, commercial and sports initiatives.
The presence of the University of Pisa provided economic, cultural and social development to the congress center and its territory.
The congress center is located in a particular area of Pisa, near the Arno river and the avenue of Piagge (garden river). Highly strategic position, near to the center of Pisa, and architectural characteristcs give particular importance to the congress center building.

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